Student Doctrinal Statement

Students are not required to hold to all of the doctrinal standards of Providence Theological Seminary (PTS) in order to enroll. However, students should be cognizant of the doctrinal position held and taught by the PTS faculty. Entering students need only to agree with the following ten doctrinal essentials: (1) the authority and inerrancy of Scripture; (2) the Trinity; (3) the full deity and humanity of Christ; (4) the spiritual depravity of fallen mankind; (5) the substitutionary atonement and bodily resurrection of Christ; (6) salvation by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone; (7) the indwelling ministry of the Holy Spirit; (8) The church as the body of Christ; (9) the future, bodily and visible return of Christ; and (10) eternal condemnation for the unbeliever and eternal blessing for the believer.