Student Life

The Student Handbook is currently being written and will be available on the web when completed. The following is the Seminary policy on Appearance and the Christian Walk.

On Appearance: Students (as well as faculty and staff) are expected to dress in a manner that communicates a reverent fear of God and his word, as well as thoughtfulness and respect for their fellow students and staff. “Tidiness, cleanliness, modesty, and gender specific hair and dress styles are considered to be an important part of Christian testimony.” Any question a prospective student may have regarding this policy is to be addressed with the Dean of Students during the application process. 

Within these broad guidelines it is our desire “not to exceed what is written” (I Cor. 4:6). However, while it is anticipated that all students will dress in a manner that is “prudent and respectable” the Dean of Students shall, with the support of one or more faculty members and the Seminary Board, as necessary, address appearance and dress practice that is believed to be inappropriate, disruptive, or disrespectful.  

On Christian Walk: It is understood that when a student registers with the Seminary, he/she agrees willingly to obey its regulations, and to be loyal to its purpose. Each student is to maintain a consistent Christian life during the entire course of study, and show due qualification for graduation. It is expected that each student will regularly attend and serve in a local church while attending seminary. Conduct unbecoming a Christian which adversely affects the biblical standards or Christian witness of the Seminary may result in discipline, including suspension or dismissal from the Seminary.

   [The Student Handbook (to be written) will discuss a number of particulars related to student life.]