The First London Confession of Faith (1646 Edition)

Book Description: The 1646 edition of "The
First London Confession of Faith" was the
confession of faith of seven Particular Baptist
congregations in London. It was written prior
to Acts of Parliament in 1649 ratifying the
Westminster Confession of Faith with its
Larger and Shorter catechisms. The Appendix
by Benjamin Cox to the 1646 edition of "The
First London Confession" was also printed in
1646. The writers of the confession and
Benjamin Cox were clearly biblically oriented
Calvinists on the sovereignty of God and the
particularism of elective grace. These two
historic Baptist documents exude Christ in the
interpretation of Scripture.
“Gary D. Long (Th.D.) has written prefaces for separate printings of this historic Particular Baptist confession of faith that survey its historical background and application for Sovereign Grace Baptists today.”

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©2013 Prefaced Version by Gary D. Long