Real Ways to Earn Money with Dota 2

We cannot choose gaming as a career perspective, but we definitely can succeed at it as our major leisure activity. What’s good is that this activity makes it possible for us to earn some cash. To be more specific, there is the whole list of all the methods to make a profit at

Ways to Make a Profit

Organize Dota 2 Tournament

By arranging online gaming competitions, you can make a profit with Dota 2 depending upon how efficient your event is. At the same time, you’ll have to get it confirmed by steam if you want your ticket to be available in the Dota 2 store. Ideally, you earn money via entry fee charged from every participant and visitor.

Organize from Dota 2 Workshop

You can make cosmetic products if you have special competence in 3D software. Once your products become available for sale, you’ll start make a profit. That money will be sent directly to your bank.

Produce and distribute Dota 2 cosmetics

There are many Dota 2 gamers who cannot proceed with an online payment, but still, they want to equip their characters with high-quality cosmetic items. Eventually, they ask to pay money by meeting up or by standard bank payment methods. Thus, you can always sell Dota 2 cosmetic items to those who are want to buy them with real cash. You can bet on various Dota 2 betting websites. If you win, you will get products apart from your own. In case you lose, you will surely lose your products too.

Develop custom titles for Dota 2

Valve has expended its cash making opportunities for game developers. Thanks to a pass system, you will get extra benefits in that particular custom game. For instance, there is League of Legends where you pay to use great heroes and then lead the game even with the lacking competence.

Cast in Dota 2 competitions

Apart from organizing and winning Dota 2 tournaments, you can also make money from casting a particular event to some audience. In most cases, tournament organizers look for someone to commentate the in-game processes to their viewers so that they stay informed.

Try your luck as a scammer

Of course, you can hardly be proud of choosing this method of earning money with Dota 2. But when it comes to real money, this method cannot be excluded from the list. Just don’t forget about all the possible risks that may even lead to criminal responsibility.

Final Word

Now that you know that you can earn real money with Dota 2, you can be proud of being a professional gamer. All you need to find the most suitable method for you. Although this is a game, the money can be quite real!