Hearthstone: The Current Situation in the Game

The first thing worth focusing on is replacing the adventures with themed sets. Good or bad depends on the interests of a particular player. For people who are not planning to donate, the news was just wonderful.

Firstly, it became possible to absolutely free to play all the adventures. Secondly, thanks to the abolition of "quarters", you can craft absolutely any card for the required deck. Now the situation when it was necessary to open as many as five quarters (3500 gold) to get the Bes Malchezar for the purpose of assembling the Bes Malcesar seems absurd, but until recently these were the realities of the game. To be aware of all the changes is a must if you are thinking about Hearthstone gambling.

Changes in the Deck Structure

In fact, for the entire existence of the game, the main classes have changed little, just their complement varied from addition to addition. For example, before Mill the druid was exclusively a fan deck, then his mechanics changed a bit with the Whirling and it became the most powerful deck, then after the nerf he left the top positions of the ladder again.

The patron, which many players mourned so much, in fact turned first into a worg-of-warren warrior, and after a while into a pig-hog. gameplay this same combo soundboard from a variety of individual parts. Warlocks Handy essentially remained the same control decks with massive stripping the table. The only thing that has changed fundamentally is the endless resources from the same hunt or mage, but this is more likely an exception confirming the rule.

Hearthstone always had decks that formed meta at a certain point in time. Hearthstone has never had "invincible" decks. Even the omnipotent patron was forced to dwell in the disgusting meteor of handlock and druids. By the way, a good patron still defeated a druid, but there were few players who masterfully owned this warrior archetype.


Summarizing what has been said, it can be noted that there will always be “trendsetters” in the ladder, and all the other decks are forced to adjust to the situation. Blizzard tries to at least touch the cards from the new additions and to change the cards from the old ones to the maximum. Thus, they protect the interests of the donators, sometimes to the detriment of the game itself. At the same time, the departure to the hall of fame of many cards is perceived by people as extremely painful due to habit. But often it is simply necessary to maintain diversity in the game. Check the news about changes that have taken place in the game.